XBOX 360 Gamepads

The XBOX 360 style gamepads are supported by GamePad Companion, however there are a couple of requirements to get them working with Mac OSX before you can use them with GamePad Companion. We have provided instructions below to help you get your gamepads working, as well as a break down of the button layout for standard Microsoft XBOX 360 gamepads.

If you have questions regarding the XBOX 360 gamepads after reading this page, or are having problems with a your gamepad please e-mail Carvware here: GamePad Companion Support, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

1. The Xbox 360 Gamepad requires a driver that can be downloaded for free at this link : XBOX 360 Drivers. These drivers currently only support a number of gamepads at this time and we recommend using official wired Microsoft XBOX 360 gamepads if you prefer these style gamepads.

2. When using a wireless XBOX 360 gamepad, a Microsoft wireless gaming receiver is also required. When using a wired gamepad, it must be a built-in wire. Trying to use the charging cables with the wireless gamepads will have no result, these cables only charge the gamepads battery. To find a retailer that sells the Microsoft Wireless Gaming Receiver you can search google for "XBOX 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows".

Microsoft XBOX 360 Button Layout:

X Axis = LS Horizontal Axis                   Y Axis = LS Vertical Axis
X Rotation = RS Horizontal Axis           Y Rotation = RS Vertical Axis
Z Axis = Left Trigger                                 Z Rotation = Right Trigger