PS3 Gamepads

The Sony SixAxis DualShock3 PS3 gamepads are supported, however there are a couple of requirements to get them working properly. Below are instructions for connecting your gamepad via USB and a break down of the button layout for this gamepad.

1. The gamepad will need to be synced with your computer every time it's plugged in, and GamePad Companion is open.

A.To sync the gamepad, Press the "PS" button in the center of the gamepad.
B. Wait 5 seconds and the gamepad should be synced, and will now update GamePad Companion's user interface when ever a button is pressed.

2. If using the gamepad via Bluetooth, we recommend users unplug the USB charging cable. Having the device connected via both Bluetooth and USB can potentially cause the device to be listed twice in the "GamePads" section of GamePad Companion. We are looking into this and will provide an update for this as soon as we can.

Sony PS3 SixAxis DualShock Button Layout:

X Axis = LS Horizontal Axis           Y Axis = LS Vertical Axis
Z Axis = RS Horizontal Axis           Z Rotation = RS Vertical Axis