Frequently Asked Questions

1. What applications can I use GamePad Companion with?

Answer: Any application that runs on Mac OS X version 10.6.6 or later , either natively or in Classic mode, should work with GamePad Companion. You should not use it with games that have built in support for HID devices.

2. What are the minimum system requirements to run GamePad Companion?

Answer: All Apple computers that officially support Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later should work with GamePad Companion.

3. Can I use multiple GamePads with GamePad Companion?

Answer: Yes you can, you can use up to 6 HID devices with GamePad Companion.

4. Why doesn't my GamePad appear in the GamePads box?

Answer: If your controller fails to appear in the GamePads box, this means your GamePad is not supported at this time.

5. Can I save a configuration for use later?

Answer: Yes you can, after configuring your GamePad just select the "Save Layout tab" within the "Layouts" pop-up button.

6. Why does my computer start beeping and/or acting weird when I turn GamePad Companion on?

Answer: This either means that one of the buttons on your GamePad is stuck down, or possibly that the sensitivity on one of the multi-key elements you configured is too high.

7. Why does my mouse cursor act like it has a mind of it's own when I turn GamePad Companion on?

Answer: This most likely means that the mouse elements you configured are either too high or too low, and you need to adjust the "Sensitivity Calibration 1 and 2"

8. When trying to play Limbo I configured my gamepad to the correct settings but the "Option" key isn't working in the game. Can this be fixed?

Answer: We found that Limbo isn't recognizing the default "Option/Alt" key when using GamePad Companion with your gamepad. We fixed this by modifying the default action setting to be the "Z" key, rather then the "Option/Alt" key. These settings are located in the "Settings.txt" file in Limbo. You can download the "Settings.txt" file we modified by clicking this link: New Limbo Settings. *You should backup the existing file before importing the new file.*

To import the new settings, first open the "Applications" folder in the "Finder" window then right-click "Limbo" and select "Show Package Contents". Double-click "MacOS" to reveal the "Settings.txt" file. Now drag the new file into the "MacOS" folder. You will first be asked if you would like to "Replace" the existing file or if you'd like to "Keep Both" files. Select "Replace" then enter your password in the next prompt. This will replace the current "Settings.txt" file enabling the new settings. GamePad Companion should now work when configured to the new settings you imported.